College of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Type Course Title Teacher
Electromagnetics (I) Electrical and Computer Engineering Yon-Ping Chen Prof
Introduction to Communication Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof Po-Ning, Chen
Special Topics on Hardware Security Department of Electronics Engineering Prof. Chang, Hsie-Chia
Model Compression and Acceleration Department of Electronics Engineering Chang, Tian-Sheuan
Hardware Security for Vehicle to Vehicle Communications 電子工程學系 張錫嘉老師
量子力學導論 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 電子工程學系 林聖迪老師
消息理論 Information Theory 電機工程學系 陳伯寧老師
線性控制系統(一) Linear Control Systems I 電機工程學系 吳炳飛老師
線性控制系統(二) Linear Control Systems II 電機工程學系 吳炳飛老師
數位通訊 Digital Communications 電機工程學系 陳伯寧老師