機器學習 Machine Learning




"Google's always used machine learning. In all the areas we applied it to, speech recognition, then image understanding, and eventually language understanding, we saw tremendous improvements."

John Giannandrea, then VP of Engineering, Google

In the last decade, machine learning has been applied to many real world problems successfully. It is considered as the most essential and fundmental knowledge for a data scientist. We introduce core concept of machine learning and several useful learning methods including linear models, nonlinear models, kernel methods, dimension reduction, unsupervised learning (Clustering) and deep learning. Also some special topics and applications will be discussed.


課程用書:Deep Learning, Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville, 2016,The MIT Press



Instructor(s) 碩士生
Course Credits 3
Academic Year 105學年度
Prior Knowledge Mathematical analysis,Numerical Methods,Linear Algebra,Probability,Programming skills
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