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Electronics (III) - Week 1 §review §MOS cascode -basic circuit

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Week 1
§MOS cascode
-basic circuit
Week 2
§MOS cascode
-with a cascode load
-folded cascode
Week 3
§BJT cascode
-basic circuit
-with a cascode load
-double cascode
-folded cascode
§IC biasing
Week 4
Week 5
§Introduction of differential amplifiers
-common mode
-differentail mode
Week 6
§MOS differentail amp
-constant current source
Week 7
§BJT differential amp
-common mode /differentail mode/ CMRR
-input resistance
-constant current load
§offset voltage
Week 8
§Differential amp with active load
-dc bias
-common mode/ differential mode /CMRR/offset
Week 10
§constant current load
§active load (cascode/ wilson/ folded)
§two stage CMOS op
Week 11
§low frequency
§high frequency(internal capacitor introduction)
Week 12
§high frequency(example: common gate/common source/common drain)
§find pole1 and zero / miller effect/ open circuit RC time-constant approximation
Week 13
§frequency reponse in cascode/ differential amplifier/ two stage MOS op
§feedback circuit introduction
Week 14
§feedback circuit
Week 15
§feedback circuit
Week 17
§feedback circuit
§stability of a feedback circuit
§two stage CMOS op
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