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Polymer Physics - L2: Introduction (1/2)

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L2: Introduction (1/2)
L2: Introduction (2/2)
L3: Chain Structures and Configuration (1/2)
L3: Chain Structures and Configuration (2/2)
L4: Dilute Solutions (1/2)
L4: Dilute Solutions (2/2)
L5: Concentrated Solutions (1/2)
L5: Concentrated Solutions (2/2)
L6: The Amorphous State (1/2)
L6: The Amorphous State (2/2)
L7: The Crystalline State (1/2)
L7: The Crystalline State (2/2)
L8: The Liquid Crystalline State
L9: Glass-Rubber Transition
L10: Cross-linked Polymers (1/2)
L10: Cross-linked Polymers (2/2)
L11: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces (1/2)
L11: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces (2/2)
L12: Multicomponent Polymers (1/2)
L12: Multicomponent Polymers (2/2)
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